Activities and events  organized by the Association, our activities and cultural events are intended to finance the maintenance, restoration and development of the sanctuary and the site of Capelou

  • Concerts

2-3 times a year concerts are organized with prestigious artists and musical ensembles

  • Lectures

A lecture once a year is organized with a qualified speaker.

  • A shop

During the pilgrimage week in September, a shop sells various items made by the volunteers of the Capelou workshop.

  • A flea market

During the big flea market of Notre Dame de Capelou, once a year, the association holds a stand of objects donated by the volunteers for the sale.

NB: you can donate items in good condition that will be sold for the benefit of the Association

  • Capelou's workshop

Open to all who want to participate to make small bags, coasters, placemats, objects and animals in fabric and various other creations to be used as gifts, all made during the year to be sold on the stand. Models and materials are provided by the association. The work can be carried out at home or during friendly meetings with other volunteers.

  • A book about Capelou

This is one of our first projects and it has made good progress.

From the 2 authors initially approached, the book has expanded more and more and become a collective work with contributions from Noelle Grimbert (from the Middle Ages to the 19th century), Mrs. Rigal-Cellard (for the origins of Capelou), and JC Massou (for the analysis of the stained glasses).

It will be a very complete and well documented work that will renew our knowledge of the history, the meaning and the iconography of Capelou.

The authors are currently very active and we hope to go to press at the end of the year 2021 for a publication in 2022, who knows? Possibily for our next General Assembly: it would be a great opportunity to discover it.

  • Appeal for church banners

The time of religious processions, very popular a hundred years ago, is over now in most parishes.

Often forgotten, neglected or even mothballed, many church banners used for processions lie sadly unused in the sacristies or churches throughout our coutryside.

Conscious of the heritage they represent from a religious, historical and artistic point of view, we believe it is necessary and urgent to save what we still can and bring these banners to life.

We would like to bring them together in Capelou, the Marian sanctuary of the diocese, to ensure their preservation and to allow them to be displayed.

We therefore launch this call: if in your churches or sacristies you have banners still in good condition or in need of restoration, please let us know.

With the agreement of the parish priest of their place of origin, these banners could be part of a deposit granted to the Marian shrine of Capelou.

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