The restoration of stained glass : 5 000 €

The restoration of stained glass 5 000 euros

The restoration is finished!

We wanted to solve the problems of moisture: water oozed through the windows

The master glassmaker was surprised to discover that cement had unfortunately been placed around the stained glass to try to solve this problem of moisture.

He had a hard time removing them without breaking them ...

This was done for the 12 stained glass windows of the west and west trancept.

He put in place lead water discharges at the base of each bay, chocking the panels, stamping the rebates with hydraulic lime.

The work of the fountain 11 000 €


Stitching of plaster, making good the walls

Cleaning, Stone Replacement

Concrete removal, Casting

Evacuation Gravas, Hydrofuge Statue and Walls

Pouring screed, laying stone slabs, laying pavers

Purchase 7 m2 of stone slabs


Roof and bell tower of the chapel

To remedy the serious problems of moisture, it is urgent to redesign the roof, install gutters on the south side and protect the bell tower from water.

Grants have been requested from state agencies, including the town hall, the owner of the premises.

We also need you.

Thank you for helping us and donating

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